Now you will learn how to get in-game currency in the popular game Valorant. Valorant is a tactical heroic shooter from the creators of League of Legends.

Valorant FREE VP
Valorant Points FREE

What are Valorant Points and why do you need it?

The game takes place in an alternate reality of a technologically advanced world, and players will plunge into the classic gameplay of competitive shooters, expanded with a variety of tactics available to players heroes.

Valorant Points (or VP) is an in-game currency that allows you to use real money to buy premium skins and Radianite Points.

Radianite points are an in-game currency specially created to change the appearance of weapons and allow you to take your Arsenal to a new level. You can buy it for VP in the store. If you have just started playing, you can get a certain amount of Radianite Points by completing a contract for new players.

Valorant Points Hack: All ways to get Valorant Points

Valorant Generator
Valorant Generator

It is difficult to imagine how much time it took to find information for this top. Here you can find out where you can get Valorant Points. Top life hacks for Valorant! The first place is the most optimal solution. The last place is the most difficult way to get Valorant Points.

Get Valorant Points using our tool

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Valorant Hack

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Get Valorant Points using points crane

Find the Valorant Points Crane on the Internet. Sign up and get Valorant Points for free! You only need to press the button once every 12 hours. This method is that you view the ad while you go to the button.

Everything is fair! The creators of the Crane Points service have a very high demand for VP. Because of this, they reduce the cost of Valorant Points to distribute these Points to regular players. Every day the demand for Valorant Points increases. This helps reduce the cost and increases the number of you receive.

Get Valorant Points using Valorant points giveaway on Twitch

What is waiting for hype when it is in full swing? Right! Even more hype!!! Therefore, some streamers wanted more hype. They arranged the giveaway of Valorant Points at the same time as the drops of access to Valorant. This is simply genius! Now there are even more bots on their stream. People who received a key about the closed beta test have already stopped sitting on Twitch. They are now in the game itself, not on Twitch.

So, a hype generates a bigger hype! Therefore, on streamers dedicated to the game, Valorant return zombie bots-viewers! They want giveaways free Valorant points.

So, find a stream that drops Valorant Points and write the command “!ValorantPontsDrops” or “!VPDrops”. Great! You are now registered as a member of the Valorant Points distribution. You can collapse the tab and join the million-strong army of zombie bots on Twitch! Some day you will get Valorant Points. Now you can buy weapons in the skins store!

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Copmlete simple tasks and get Valorant Points

We only managed to find this method once. Here you are provided with a fun time. You will enjoy completing tasks. For completed tasks, you are entitled to a payment in Valorant points to your Riot games account. This is a cool way to earn Valorant points without spending a single dollar. The method will appeal to players who have Valorant running on minimal graphics settings. So don’t pass it by! Good earnings!

Hack Valorant Points using Stealer Points

No one has canceled unscrupulous people who steal Valorant points directly from their account. We do not recommend using this method, as it is dangerous for you! Self-written viruses “thieves” have already appeared on the Internet. They can steal your Points right from under your nose. OOPS! And no your Valorant Points! Therefore, never buy spyware on the Internet.

Of course, Valorant Points obtained in such a dishonest way are delivered to well-known the game currency exchanges. These exchanges can exchange game currency for real money. And vice versa.

Buy Valorant Points on the game currency exchange

As a rule, the price of Valorant Points on game currency exchanges differs significantly from the official Riot Games store. You may be lucky enough to buy 10,000 Valorant Points for 5% of the official price.

The reverse side of this method:

  • 1) You can be cheated for money;
  • 2) the owner of Valorant Points will appear and your belongings will be taken away from you. If you’ve spent purchased on the stock exchange Valorant Points for the skins and found the owner of your Valorant points.

Therefore, weigh all the pros and cons of this method. And even better, use our online generator Valorant Points! It’s free!

Hack Valorant Points using VP Hack App

Another way to get free VP’s. The method is that you install a modified application (Mod App) Valorant. This trick will allow you to generate infinite Valorant Points and Radianite points. You will be able to afford anything! Cool skins and awesome guns are waiting for your views. The limit of this Valorant app modifier is limitless. You will have unlimited access to resources, ammo, abilities, and everything else!

Valorant Hack
Valorant Hack

The disadvantage of this method is that you will not be able to play online. And this is the most important thing that is in Valorant. Without network mode, this game is useless. And the value of in-game items, in this case, is zero. Because no one will surprise them but you. Decide for yourself whether you want to do this kind of stuff. Or hack Valorant with our hacking tool. The link is above!

Valorant Tips and Tactics

Valorant makes a smaller bet on the ability of characters than Overwatch, but the choice of agent is still important.

Sentinel-defense experts with abilities that can protect allies and support them in skirmishes. There are two such agents: Cypher and Sage.

Initiators-force opponents to regroup, which is useful when storming positions. Initiators include Breach, Sova.

Operators (Controller) – are able to narrow the visible area of enemies or zone them. This type includes Brimstone, Omen, and Viper.

Duellists (Duellists) – specialize in the rapid destruction of the enemy team. These include Phoenix, Jett, and Raze.

Do not rush to start searching for the game – during the battles, you will have almost no time to study the geometry of the environment, it will take too many deaths and defeats. Instead, create a custom game and start the match alone to calmly explore each map and prepare for real battles.


Now you know how to get Valorant points to your account. We hope that you will choose the right way that you will be happy with! As a result, it is worth noting the superiority of our online tool over all other methods. At first glance, the obvious advantages are speed and high quality! Tell us about it in social networks.

Good luck!

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